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Slovak Queer Film Festival and COVID-19

The safety of all of us during this year’s film festival is primarily in our hands, even literally-by following the rules (of washing hands, keeping distance and wearing masks). If we are disciplined, we will significantly increase the probability that FFi 2020 will be a pleasant film festival that will enrich our lives, and not endanger them. We ask you to strictly follow the rules: wear a mask, keep distance and wash your hands; as well as other updated ordinances of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic and the Regional Public Health Office of the City of Bratislava.

FFi COVID-19 opatrenia
  1. Entering the cinema and staying in the cinema is only possible with the upper airways covered (with a mask or scarf – worn over the mouth and nose).
  2. When entering the cinema, apply disinfectant onto your hands (or use disposable gloves).
  3. Do not shake hands..
  4. Keep a distance of at least 2 meters in the cinema.
    In the time between screenings, please choose coffee to go, walk outside and get some fresh air. Thank you for not staying in the foyer.
  5. In the cinema, only chequerboard seating is allowed with a maximum capacity of 50 seats.
    Please respect the seating instructions of the cinema and festival staff.
  6. Buy tickets online:
    • to Lumière Cinema at no later than 10 min. before the beginning of the screening,
    • to the Úsmev Cinema at no later than 20 min. before the start of the screening.
  7. If you have Cinepass for KINO LUMIÈRE, don’t forget to make a reservation before heading to the cinema. It is not possible to enter the cinema without a cinepass and reservation this year. We are trying to significantly reduce the possible higher concentration of people – (waiting) spectators – in the foyer.
    If you have made a reservation but your plans have changed and you will not come to the screening, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation. This will free up space for another viewer.
  8. Thank you for staying at home and attending only the online part of the festival in case you experience symptoms of acute respiratory disease. Cinema staff can measure your temperature and, in case of fever or cough, you will be asked to leave the cinema premises, quarantine at home and phone your doctor. If you do not agree to have the cinema staff measure your temperature (based on random selection or obvious signs of illness), please leave the cinema. Thank you. Detailed information can be found at the website
  9. Thank you for staying at home and only participating in the online part of the festival, if you have met with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days and you do not yet have negative results of your test.
  10. Thank you for not taking off your mask during the film screening and for no consumption of food or drinks in the cinema.
  11. Thank you for taking each other into consideration.

The Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic ordinance in the event of a threat to public health from September 29, 2020, file no.: OLP / 7852/2020 (“facial coverings/masks”).

The Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic ordinance in the event of a threat to public health from September 30, 2020, file no.: OLP/7694/2020.

The Regional Office of Public Health of Bratislava ordinance from September 18, 2020 number GTSÚ / 14797/2020.

Eight rules for safe visit of the Lumière Cinema.

Last update: OCTOBER 6, 2020