Rules and regulations


The Slovak Queer Film Festival is a festival for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered and intersexual people (LGBTI), their families, children and friends.

Since 2007, the festival has been loosely inspired by the tradition of gay-themed festivals held in Slovakia from 1996 to 2001. Today, the Slovak Queer Film Festival (FFi) is the only LGBTI-oriented film festival in Slovakia, organized by the civic association Iniciatíva Inakosť.

FFi was established as a cultural non-commercial venue for the presentation of Queer Slovak and international cinema, intended to entertain heterosexual and non-heterosexual film fans, fight homophobia and xenophobia, and encourage society to discuss and address the problems afflicting Slovakia’s continually ignored LGBTI minority.

Festival is non-competitive, however Pink balloon is the Audience Award for the best film of the festival.


Applicants (filmmakers, producers, copyright holders, etc.) can submit their films for the festival until September 2nd via official online entry form.


The selection of films is made by programme department/ a selection committee of three of the Festival, deadline of film selection is September 20th.


The applicant of a selected film(s) for the Festival is required to submit the following documentation before September 30:

  • press kit in an electronic version
  • web site of the film
  • film stills printable resolution
  • the complete timecoded dialogue list/subtitles (both, original and English versions)
  • posters, flyers or any other printed promo material
  • HD film trailer.


Eligible format are:

  • DCP (2D)
  • 35 mm
  • mp4 full HD, H264, stereo, bitrate up to: 5Mbit/s, 10 GB per file
  • bluray - B region (Europe)
  • dvd - Europe region (dvd is not recommended for cinema screenings!)

The Festival will cover the costs of print traffic under the following conditions:
- IF the film(Screening format later on only) is in the  festival circuit, shared between the film festivals, Slovak Queer Film Festival covers only one way shipping expenses, export or import.
- If the Screening format shipped from the country of origin (from the owner of the rights, the production company, the distributor, the director, producer or other film institution) has to be returned back after screening, Slovak Queer Film Festival agrees to pay both way shipping expenses, to and from the Festival. Delivery of the Screening format to Slovak Queer Film Festival must be arranged at least 10 days prior to the Festival.

The Festival assumes the insurance costs covering possible loss, partial or complete damages to the Screening format from the time of delivery to the festival until the time the Screening format is delivered to a shipping agent for return – in accordance with the international FIAPF statute. Should the delivered screening format need to be replaced, the Festival agrees to cover only the production of a new standard screening format according to the current price list in Slovakia. 

Iniciatíva Inakosť
Rajská 4
811 08 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Shipping address (door to door courier companies only) - screening formats:
Kino Lumiere, Spitalska 4, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovak Republic 


The Slovak Queer Film Festival reserves the right to use film excerpts of selected films for festival promotion purposes under the following conditions:

  • less than 3 minutes for feature films
  • less than 30 seconds for short films

The excerpts can be screened in the Festival movie theatres, broadcasted on TV channels promoting the Slovak Queer Film Festival, on the festival’s official website, in printed promo materials or during any multimedia presentation within the duration of the Festival. The Slovak Queer Film Festival reserves the right to use film segments of up to 10 seconds in length in the festival’s official trailer. 

The Slovak Queer Film Festival reserves the right to use film stills in the Festival’s promotional materials, the festival catalogue, promotional flyers, posters, billboards, the festival website, multimedia presentations.


  • Sept 2: deadline for film submission
  • Sept 20: film selection deadline – early bird
  • Sept 30: Promo materials deadline
  • 10 days prior to the festival screenings: deadline for receiving the screening formats
  • Festival Dates: Oct 25 - 29
  • Festival Echoes: November - December 2017